European merchant of molasses products and sugar beet pellets.
We are an active supplier on EU market of molasses products and sugar beet pellets since 2017.

We are private company with our strong sides, such as own storage and logistics by road-tracks, ships, and railway-cisterns.

Our main clients primarily are feed producers, yeast and ethanol manufacturers and renewable bio-energy companies.
We trade and supply the following products:
Sugar beet molasses
Secondary beet molasses (raffinate)
Desugared beet molasses
Concentrated vinassa
Soya been molasses
Sugar beet pellets (pulp)
Fatty acids
Logistics Services
We are strong in molasses logistics, that's why our clients get:
  • 1
    Full outsourcing of supply function;
  • 2
    Exact delivery schedule;
  • 3
    No seasonable stops during the year.
For fast delivery we have the following facilities at our disposal:
  • 1
    More than 180 specialized railway-cisterns;
  • 2
    A lot of specialized tank-containers;
  • 3
    Specialized road-trucks;
  • 4
    22,000+ m3 storage for liquid products;
  • 5
    Various pumps and fittings;
  • 6
    Mobile equipment for heating and pumping of molasses.
All the above factors enable us to ensure a stable and uninterrupted supply of molasses throughout the year.
Contact us
Phone: +371 25490860, +371 20221153